Love & Encouragement Blog

Hi there. We are so glad and grateful that you want to write for Godlovers Blog. God bless you. Read on to get the full gist on how to write with us.

Relax, we love it snackable – It doesn’t have to be an essay. Also, you don’t have to be Shakespeare.  We look forward to honest, Holy Spirit inspired writing.

Think about the message

  • Message: You want your readers to know that God loves them personally, we love them too, and we want to help them love others so that all of us can raise a generation of love.
  • Language: Simple and clear. Use active voice and avoid jargon
  • Tone: Relatable, sincere, kind, informative and understanding
  • Content: Interviews, Testimonies of God’s love, Stories of encouragement, How-Tos on living for God, How-Tos on loving others, Interviews, Testimonies of God’s love, Stories of encouragement.
  • Voice: An imperfect human who believes in and wants to live for a perfect God and who’s serving by sending love and encouragement to others.

Think about the audience.

The audience, in general, are looking for the love of God, inspiration and a mission of faith;

  • Love: Speak the love of God as shown in Scriptures.
  • Encouragement: This is their life, they already know it can be better than this but there are hindrances and they need scriptural inspiration.
  • Mission: They want to be a part of something big. They want to belong to a cause/movement for Christ.

Think about Godlovers

Three words to describe our personality: Loving, simple and inspiring. We are:

  • Loving but not patronizing
  • Simple but not dumbed down
  • Helpful but not overbearing
  • Interesting but not disrespectful