About LLSeries

Living Loved Series #LLSeries is a hangout we created to build a culture that:

  • – Honours God

  • – Appreciates the beauty of creation and

  • – Fosters love for people

    It is a day of fellowship, learning and touring. The places we visit, the fellowship we enjoy and messages from God’s Word will work together to create a hangout filled with memories and heart.

    On each step of the hangout, your faith will be enlivened, your likeness of nature rebirth and love for our Father rekindled. And that is not even the beginning, God works through the memories of fellowship etched in our minds to birth miracles in our lives; He has more in store for us than we can imagine.

    So, come, join us for an awesome time, loving people you never knew from Adam into friendships found in Christ

    What kind of people plan these events?

    • Humans seeking ways to serve God and live for Him in spite of today’s culture
    • Imperfect men and women leaning on a perfect God.
    What should I expect?

    • Memory-making, stress-reducing, spiritually enriching time-out
    • Meet the most fantastic people ever (we mean that!)
    • Receive and share God’s love
    • You get to enjoy a day set apart for nothing but laughter, fun and community
    • You get to enjoy Nature and marvel at the beauty of creation
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