Be a part of the Love Revolution

At Godlovers, we bring people from a love-drained and self-seeking environment into an atmosphere of love; a place of worship and a place of freedom. We do this through our meetings, online Bible studies and resources.
Since the inception of Godlovers in 2006, the ministry has been God-sufficient through the help of our partners.
Partner with us to create a world where genuine love is no longer the reserve of a few. Tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean. Be a part of ‘our’ mighty ocean today.

How you can partner

  1. If you’re a Media person, you can help raise awareness by featuring our mission on your media platform.
  2. You can participate in our fundraising activities by helping to sell Godlovers branded items
  3. You can provide specific needs for our events eg. Venue, feeding, branded gifts, etc.
  4. You can make a financial donation to our Bank account. see details below

Please make all donations to:

Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 0009198373
Account Name: Eyimofe Adeniyi
Preferred Narration: Godlovers Fellowship

– Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything – Proverbs 11:24

– As you give, may the Lord bless you richly, forever.

– There is more happiness in giving than in receiving (GNT) – Acts 20:35