Why you find it difficult to be a lover

By September 19, 2017Blog

The other day, my friend and I were talking about how beautiful it is to be loved.

You don’t really have control over who loves you. You can choose to love someone but whether they’ll love you back is their own prerogative. It is up to them to decide to choose you, respect you, look out for you, understand you or commit to you.

That’s why we are grateful for those people in our lives who chose to love us.

But let’s talk about you for a minute.

You know love is powerful. I bet you do!

Love is desirable. Love is beautiful and you know you should love other people. It’s not that you don’t know, it’s just that living it out is a tough call.

It’s not your fault that it’s hard.

Some people are hard-to-love. Some people will misinterpret your kindness – for sure! Some people are even so random and unrelated to you that you can’t find a reference point for loving them

If only you could look past your hurt or anger and still have plenty love to give.

You wish there was a way your heart could soften towards people… a way you could look at other people’s achievement and be genuinely happy for them.

Actually there is a way.

Look away from them and turn to you. Yes you – the person you see in the mirror. Loving is not hard because people are difficult to love but because you have not made a commitment to walk in love.

Your commitment to walk in love is the foundation for walking in genuine and selfless love.

Almost everyone hopes to improve their relationships with the people that matter. Almost everyone wishes their friend/partner/family member will change so that they can love them more. But see, you have no control over that. There is no way to guarantee that people will change and no need to wait for them to.

You only have control over your choices, your decisions and your commitment. Love is a decision we make―a decision to treat people the way Jesus would treat them and that is tangible. Love is not just a spiritual concept that cannot be seen or touched. And that’s why you can commit to it.

Until you make a commitment to walk in love, you can’t be an authentic lover because what we commit to is what we become. 

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authentic lover because what we commit to is what we become. @godloversng” via=”no”]

Eagerly pursue and seek to acquire [this] love [make it your aim, your great quest]…
1 Corinthians 14:1

There are many things we want in life with varying degrees of desire. God says love should be chief of all our priorities and see, it is not hard. You and I can become excellent lovers. We only need to study it, learn about it, read about it, listen to teachings about it, engage and imitate people who operate in love, but most importantly, commit to it Today!

I’m not only here to encourage you to prioritize love but to also show you how. We have a ready-made commitment to walk in love that you can personalize and make yours. Enter your Name and Email below and we’ll send it to you ASAP.

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