A ministry ordained to raise a generation of those that have learnt to love God and love others.

Godlovers Fellowship

Godlovers fellowship is a community of people that love the Lord and are learning to live for him. Imperfect men and women leaning on a perfect God, seeking ways to live for Him in spite of today’s culture.

The kind of people here are far from picture-perfect; however, God is our utmost desire. We are treasures in clay-like bodies, giving God space to find expression through us.

The world is fallen and the people, tired and thirsty. We take you from that scene to a world of Love, a place of worship, Joy unexplainable and total freedom.

Between 2007 and now, we’ve had several meetings including: Fellowships, Love Feasts, Prayer Summits and Open air ‘nights of worship’.

Godlovers Charge

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love is of God
and anyone who loves, has been born of God and knows God”

1 John 4:7

Godlovers Events

Think warmth, community, like-minds, real conversations, practical tips, light bulb moments … all wrapped into each meeting, every year.


Godlovers Conference

Think warmth, community, real conversations, practical tips, light bulb moments … all wrapped in one meeting . This annual meeting will deposit in your heart, fresh passion for a Christ-like life.

Prayer Summit

God loves us with an everlasting love, regardless of our disposition. He is much closer to us than we think and wants to be closer. We hold this prayer and worship meeting every December.

Living Loved Series

Living Loved Series is a hangout we created to build a culture that honors God, Appreciates the beauty of creation and fosters love for people. It is a day of fellowship, learning and touring.

“God’s desire is not just to take us to heaven, but to have us be the expression of heaven on earth, here & now. We are consciously and intentionally building a culture that honors God, appreciates the beauty of creation and fosters love for all people.”
– Tolu Michaels

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My time with Godlovers fellowship back in the University was like being finally united with a long lost family you never knew you had, the love, acceptance and oneness was surreal. And the fellowship; mode of word sharing and prayer was creative, engaging and practical. I can never forget the small scripture notes and Buttermints.

Tolu Oludapo

In school, I learned the importance of having a Christian family that you are responsible for, that you are accountable to, and that loves you and actually shows it to you, that helps you grow spiritually and actually cares about you. Godlovers was beyond a group, it was an actual love-family. It was a place I learned about God in His purest form because I saw Him show Himself through people like me. I'm consistently learning and growing but God used Godlovers to put me on the right path. We really need each other to survive, and it's this principle, this promise to help each other survive that unites Godlovers. I'm eternally grateful to be a part of this beautiful family.

Chidi Ashimole

"You are important to me, I need you to survive". This line of our song rings true to the family that is Godlovers Fellowship. Godlovers is a group of beautiful people - brothers, sisters, friends, prayer partners, confidants, one family - who love God and demonstrate this love onto others. It is a place to come together to fellowship, laugh and love with no judgment, prejudice or conditions. I've made friends in Godlovers who have challenged and lifted me spiritually. Truly, Godlovers changed me by loving me unconditionally and by teaching me how to love others.

Fope Bademosi